Power Bank – An Essential Gadget That You Should Have

In today’s era, most people use electronic devices almost on daily basis. Among the most popular and most used electronic devices are tablets and smartphones. But with the increasing use of these device, it needs lots of energy or power. This results in draining out of their batteries in a very short time. Without power these devices are almost useless, after all you cannot make a call from a smartphone with a dead battery. So power banks are introduce in the market to solve this problem. They can charge your mobile phones and tablets on the go and can bring your dead battery back to life.

What Exactly is Power Bank

Power bank is nothing but an external battery that is sealed inside a case. They also have a control circuit that controls the flow of power from power bank to the battery of your mobile. Most power banks have batteries that is made up of either lithium-ion or lithium-polymer. Power banks can be charged either from a USB drive or from the power outlet. Some power banks can be charged from solar energy and they are known as solar power bank.

Choosing a Power Bank

Power bank is very essential tool that is must have device for those who use smartphones heavily. But choosing a right power bank may be a difficult task, here are few basic things that you should consider before buying a power bank in India.

power bank for iPhone


Capacity is the most important features that need to be considered. They are measured in mill-ampere-hour or mAh. It is a measurement of amount of charge or energy it can hold. You power bank capacity should be always greater than the mAh rating of your smartphone’s battery otherwise, the power bank won’t be able to fully charge your phone even once. Ideally buy a power bank that has capacity that is at least with twice the capacity of your phone’s battery.

How to calculate capacity of power bank

A simple equation can be used to convert the 3.7V into 5V.

ACTUAL 5V mAh = 3.7 X Advertised Capacity / 5

For a 10,000mAh power bank – 3.7 X 10,000 / 5 = 7,400 mAh

So a 3.7V 10,000 mAh power bank really only supplies 7,400 mAh at the 5V USB connection. So straight out of the box is a 23% reduction in the stated mAh. This is not the actual experienced level as there is also conversion loss.


Most power banks are small in size that can be easily carried in your pocket or hand bag. The smaller in size, it is better for traveling. But when you are buying a high capacity power bank, they tend to be little bigger. So depending upon your needs buy a power bank that is light in weight and smaller in size, but at the same time have enough capacity to charge your mobile phone.

Ampere Output

Output ampere rating is another important characteristic of a power bank. The high the output ampere rating, the faster it will charge your smartphone. Power bank with output rating 2A will charge your mobile phone much faster than the power bank with 1A output rating. Tablets require more energy, so the power banks with higher Ampere output is preferred to charge tablets.

Number of output USB Ports

Earlier power banks use to have only 1 USB port. But now most power banks that have higher capacity comes two USB port. The more the output port, more devices you will be able to charge at once.

Mistakes People Make While Buying Power Bank

Some power bank have output that doesn’t match with device(unreal output) ussualy under that it should be. this makes charge a device took more time. with real output the charging proccess can ne faster. How many times of charging is not derives by 30000/2100mah. Mophie makes several power banks that vary in charging capacity. It’s all good having a battery with significant mah capacity but if the battery’s build quality is sub-standard then you’ll be in for disappointment. Enter the portable battery charger.
According to the manufacturer, it is using 5v power output and input. The 2X power reserve’s 5,200 mAh can charge an iPhone 6s (1715 mAh) several times over (for something even more portable, go with Mophie’s 1X). The small device (4.2 ounce) has LED lights to indicate how much battery it has left and, with a USB output and micro USB input, can charge both smartphones and wearable devices. A poorly made battery loses charge quickly over time and makes a serious difference to the life of the product. These things come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors and configurations, and they all promise to keep your devices juiced up when there’s no free wall socket to be found. So, as for all 30000mah power bank in the market, standard calculation: 30000/5v/2100= 2-3 times charging.
Since I tend to use my devices a lot, I’ve had my share of experience with external battery packs of a variety of brands. Sprout Powerbanks use a high quality Samsung battery that will keep you full of energy more reliably than that next cup of coffee you’re considering. But how do you find the best device in a category swimming with seemingly identical bricks? As for iphone 4 as guideline, it can charge 3-4 times. I am using the Anker Astro E5 15000mAh Portable Ultra-High Density High Capacity External Battery Backup Charger, which includes an adaptable charging cable, a microUSB adapter, a miniUSB adapter, an Apple 30 pin adapter, a Samsung Galaxy Tab 30 pin adapter, and a carrying case.
The combination gives you power wherever you are without your having to carry any cables. Are they are the same, or should you be shopping around? This powerbank is a new technology using touch screen technology. The cable is thick but flexible, and good construction. While it has only about 70 percent of the usable capacity of the AmazonBasics model, it still packs enough power to add 30 to 50 percent of a charge to the battery of a large smartphone, so long as you don’t mind the 1 A charging rate.
Thus, manufacturer has compressed the power in the good of chipset in order to prolong the lifespan of the powerbank,Normally when you need more juice for your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile electronic device, you plug the USB charging cable in to your computer or to a wall-wart transformer. But you’ll be paying a big premium for the Lightning connector and charging cable—though this model is often on sale, it’s the most expensive of the pocketable packs we tested. You top the device off (or keep using it while it charges in the background) and away you go. If you don’t mind carrying a little extra weight, you might want to trade the built-in cables for the extra capacity of a larger unit.

Vacuum Cleaner History And Their Benefits

A vacuum cleaner is a very useful home appliance that is very essential, if you want to keep your home clean easily with little efforts. They are among the must have home appliance that should be present in every home. Many people think vacuum cleaner is a recent invention, but the truth is vacuum cleaners were invented in the 16th century, though they were not like modern vacuum cleaners. The first motorized vacuum cleaner was invented in the year 1901 by Hubert Cecil in England. It wasn’t long however before William Henry Hoover, who had already experienced success with his vacuum cleaners in America, made headway in the vacuum cleaners market in the UK and overtook Booth.

Both household users and professional people all over the world prefer upright vacuum cleaners or handheld vacuum. The reason for their preference over all the rest is because of its durability, dependability and maintainability. Though a good vacuum cleaners are bit expensive in comparison to other vacuum cleaners, any other line cannot match the value for money given for high quality vacuums.

Types of Vacuum Cleaner

There are many types of vacuum cleaners available in India. Some are cheap, while other are expensive. They also differs in features and how they clean the dust. For example cylinder vacuum cleaners are light in weight and also smaller in comparison with upright vacuum cleaners. If you have a small house with few rooms than cylinder vacuum cleaner would be a better choice for you. The advantage of this type of vacuum cleaner is that they are easy to manoeuvre around your house. You can also easily store as it requires less space. Cylinder vacuum cleaners are useful in cleaning carpets, stairs and hard floors.
Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
An upright vacuum cleaners are perhaps the most popular and widely used across the globe. They are of good choice if you have a big house and more areas of carpet to clean.Uprights use a combination of suction and the beating action of a rotating, motorized brush to loosen and remove dirt. The beater ‘grooms’ or ‘combs’ and helps to lift the carpet pile. If you are looking to buy the best vacuum cleaner than go for the upright vacuum cleaners, they are easy to use and also suitable for large areas.

Why vacuum cleaners are popular

The fame has come from attractive terminology used by the company like “Automatic setting”. This term stands for the head of the vacuum cleaner which automatically changes the suction level when it senses that it has moved from the carpet to the wooden floor and vice-verse. The Miele vacuum cleaner gives the best cleaning results, which are energy-saving and economical, without requiring any manual change of settings.

You can thus avoid bending over to change the settings, thereby reducing backaches. Many advanced vacuums are also equipped with foot switches for rewinding the power cable at slow speed, in order to avoid injury to you and damage to your furniture. This feature is available in all Miele vacuum cleaners though it is considered an extra by most other brands.

Best Vacuum Cleaners of 2016

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner India
The Dyson DC33 vacuum cleaner is not only one of Dyson’s most popular vacuums; it is one of the most popular vacuums on the market. There are so many features with it that are important to the homemaker it is hard to find one that rivals it. It can be used on carpet, tile, vinyl, and wood. So it is no wonder that it is perfect for the home with its multiple surfaces. Dyson is known for its’ patented Root Cyclone technology. It doesn’t lose suction as you vacuum. This impressive level of suction picks up pet hairs that most vacuums miss.

Perhaps the most attractive aspect is that it is durable, yet lightweight. It only weighs 17 pounds. This is much lighter than other vacuums in its class. It has a five year warranty on parts and labor. This includes the belts. And with it being bagless you’ll have some extra change in your pocket. The clear bin is made a tough polycarbonate that makes it easy to see when it needs emptying. It is quick and easy to remove eliminating any contact with dirt. It has a lifetime Hepa filter which traps microscopic pollen and allergens.

Its’ click-fit wand allows accessories to be quickly removed and reassembled. There is a Telescopic Reach Wand that extends 15.7 feet. There are no extra awkward parts to assemble. It is lightweight, making hard to reach places easily accessible. All of the accessories are stored on the vacuum itself making them easy to get to in a hurry. The accessories included and stored on the vacuum are the stair tool and the combination accessory tool.

It has a power cord that is 35 feet long with a cord reel for cord storage. The vacuum itself is 13.4 inches in width and has an adjustable handle. It has a motorized suction with 12 amps of power.

Overall, the reviews on the Dyson DC33 are very positive. A lot of people rated it high because of its ability to remove pet hair. Plus with the Hepa filter this is the perfect vacuum for someone with pets that have allergen problems. Other most often mentioned features were its ease of operation and the strong suction.

The main complaint was that the wand was awkward to use. This seems to be a common problem with many vacuums. Problems were encountered primarily when trying to get under low furniture such as beds. It sounds as though they wanted a more flexible wand especially when it’s hard to get down on your knees.

Overall, there was agreement that this was a terrific vacuum made by one of the best known names in the business. Many said that after vacuuming with their older vacuum and then using this one, it was unbelievable the amount of dirt and debris that came up. First time users were amazing how dirty their carpets were. After a couple of good cleanings with the Dyson 33 they finally felt their home was clean again.

Hair Styling Methods With Modern Hair Straightener

They say that beauty is on the inside, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot accentuate it on the outside every chance you get. The combination of inner and outer beauty is what defines your own special glow. Use some ideas here to establish your own style and be as beautiful as you can be on the inside and the outside. Laying the foundation upon which to build your beauty regimen is the obvious first step. Decide how much time and money you have to spend on your own particular beauty plan. If your funds are limited right now, that doesn’t mean that you will be at a disadvantage. In fact, many of the most effective beauty secrets are ones that come directly from nature. It may take a bit more of your time to put these things into practice, but you can seek out natural remedies to your most troublesome beauty problems such as having good skin, hair and nails. There are myriad vitamins and herbs that naturally take care of issues you may be having.

Your skin is probably the most important beauty feature you have. It is the first thing that everyone sees, and it defines your entire appearance. Though there are many things you can do to enhance your skin and keep it moist and supple, the easiest and most affordable beauty enhancer is water. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day, preferably filtered or natural spring water. This will purify your skin and help relieve it of toxins from the environment, as well as from any impure foods you may have eaten.

Hair Styling – Methods and Tricks

You look young with blonde and brown highlights. There is no need to create bold effect with blonde or brown highlight. This highlight color is good for any kinds of natural hair. You can apply the brown or blonde highlight on the black hair color. But ensure that you can choose the right shades of blonde and brown highlights. For example, the blonde highlight can come in the shades of platinum blonde, strawberry blonde, ash blonde or even dirty blonde. If you choose the brown shades, you can try the auburn brown, chestnut brown and deep reddish highlight. You can save the money in the pocket by highlight the natural hair at home rather than spending the money for the hair dying treatment in the salon. But it is very risky to do it at home if you have never done it before. You need to get the high quality product. Check the sample of the hair color to ensure that it suitable with the natural hair color. You can choose the permanent hair color to make the blonde and brown highlights long lasting. It will be better if you can do an allergic test before you apply the color on the hair.

Prepare the mixture of blonde and brown highlights that you have bought on the stores based on the instructions. Use the gloves and apply the mixture on some strands of the hair to create the highlight. You can choose some various spots on the hair to create a nice highlight. When you apply the mixture, don?t forget to use the petroleum jelly on the ears and back of the neck. It can avoid any hair dye on the area. Wait a moment until the hair dye works out. Then you can raise it to get the perfect blonde and brown highlights.

Using Hair Straightener For Styling Your Hair

If you want to straighten your hair using a hair straightener or flat irons, then there are few things you should be aware of. This article will help you in this regard and will let you know certain steps that is very important when using a hair straightener. If you properly style your hair it will give you a new look. The process of straightening hair in most cases are said to be safe and it is also not difficult, provided you have the right tools. The one of the most basic thing and which is also the most important is that you should have a good hair straightener. Without proper hair straightener you won’t be able to straighten your hair nicely.

Before you straighten hair at home, you need to prepare the hair first. it’s important to stay away from heat damage as much as possible, but using a much lower heat setting can lead to more damage. Individuals should find a heat level that works best for their hair. Short hairstyles for American girl dolls make you look cute, fresh and funky. Outside pollution, grease, various styling products, and dirt make our hair frizzy and unmanageable.

Because you’ll have to go over hair multiple times with a flat iron or you stay longer in one section with the blow dryer, you wind up causing just as much damage as too high of a heat setting. In general, delicate hair responds better to multiple, quick passes with a low heat setting, while thick, curly hair can be handled with slow, single strokes on a high heat setting. When you want to minimize the maintenance of the hair, you just have to keep it short. Therefore, you need to wash the hair thoroughly before applying the straightener. Instead, find a happy medium temperature.

Making Hair Ready For Straightening

Be aware that high heat can be damaging to hair if left in a single place for too long, while multiple passes wear hair out. The length of short hair should be picked based on the facial type. A manageable good condition hair responds well to straightening. Ultimately, personal preference and comfort levels should dictate the process, so find an efficient balance that provides the best results while retaining healthy hair. You can have the short hair above the shoulder line if you are afraid with the super short cut.

hair styling
Besides, the chance of harm reduces to great extent when the hair is clean and healthy. The girls who want to look modern, updated and edgy can choose the super short cut. It can be in jaw line, ear lobe line or chin line. The short hair will never make you look out of fashion because it can create dramatic effect on the appearance. You do not need to apply the complicated treatment for short hairstyles for American girl dolls.
Choose the hair cut which can suit your priority. If you want to look professional and edgy, you can try a bob cut. It enables you to update the old fashioned and boring hairstyle. You can opt for the angled bob cut or asymmetrical bob cut. You will look modern and updated. If you want to make the short hairstyles for American girl dolls look simple and classic, you can try a blunt bob or stacked bob. You can balance the face type with bangs. The bangs can be selected based on the desired look.

Choosing the Right Type of Hair Straightener

Having good reliable hair curling irons is especially important when you don`t have enough time or money to go to expensive hair styling shops. There are so many different options when you’re shopping for hair straighteners that you will probably need a little boost in the right direction so you know where to start. Ceramic is by far the most popular material for flat irons, as it is both inexpensive to purchase and actually works better to smooth and straighten hair at a lower temperature. While considering the best hair straightener the next important thing is the size. No matter how you look at it, hair styling is important for everyone.

choosing hair straightenerMaterials And Size
There’s no reason to get overwhelmed, and there are plenty of ways to figure out your jumping off point. The ceramic plates are great for eliminating frizz, for smoothing the hair, and even for locking in moisture. If you take the heavy flat iron then it might be difficult for you to use. The hair curling irons will make your hair beautiful clean looking and make your time joyful. Below are just some of the options which will hopefully help you pinpoint your next step.
Most ceramic plates even contain ionic technology, which is great for hair, making it healthier, despite the high temperatures that are used to smooth and style the hair. You might twist up while straightening. With the correct size and proper material, your hair curling irons will provide the necessary atmosphere needed to ensure a good mind frame. In my opinion, entirely ceramic plates are the way to go. If you are looking for a great all-purpose flat iron, especially if your hair is not exceptionally thick or curly, ceramic is the way to go.

Ceramic and Tourmaline hair straightener
But if you take a light weight flat iron it would be easy to use. Every woman should carry in her backpack beauty tools, and hair is one of the most important a woman should look after. Make sure when you’re looking that you don’t go with a ceramic-coated iron if you need something that will last a long time. But out of all of the ceramic flat irons available, which will best fit your needs? But if your hair is short then take the heavy one, for long hair try to pick the light weight iron.

Hair curling irons are used in every major beauty salons and should be a must for everyone who want to enrich the hair beauty. Ceramic-coated means lower quality, and they don’t hold the heat you need as well. For a durable, long-lasting, effective iron, these three are our favorites. If you are a traveler then must take littler and light weight flat iron. Nowadays, different materials and techniques are used for making the hair look great, and hair curling irons are just one of them. Remember, hot spots are not your friend! Most of the styling flat irons contain the flexible temperature control system. Lets face it, comfort plays a large role in our lives. But while styling your hair you never need to use the more heat which is not suitable for your hair type. So why not take advantage of the trend and stop looking for wonder pills.
The middle temperature which suits on most hair type and never causes any damage is between 300-380 degrees F. if the hair is damaged or chemically treated then the lowest temperature would be fine in order to cut down the damage. Curled hair is attractive, as you already know. For thick curly or super curly hair the best temperature would be between 380-450 degrees F.

Basic Training To Overcome The Bad Behavior of Your cat

Cats tend to be very independent animals, which is why many people prefer them over other types of pets. However, you might find that your feline friend doesn’t always do what you want. At this point you need to find a way to train your cat that doesn’t involve hitting and screaming at him. If you bought your cat as a kitten, the odds are he will pick up on what is allowed and what isn’t fairly quickly. If you bought an adult cat you might have to work on a few bad habits, but remember to be patient while doing so.

Below are a few ways that might help you deal with training your cat.

lovely catThe first thing that you should know is that it helps to use the same words when training your cat- don’t change what you say because you will end up confusing him. If there are several family members, you need to make sure that your training techniques are the same so that your cat will not be confused when trained by another person.

‘Come Fluffy, Come!’
You need to realize that your cat is not like a dog. They are not always going to obey when you call because they basically have a mind of their own. Although they do have a completely different personality, it is possible to get your cat to come to you if you call him and reinforce your command with positive behavior. You can do this by offering him a reward such as being petted or giving him a treat.

If you are screaming at your cat to come to you hoping to shock him into obeying, you will soon realize that such tactics will not work as he is likely to saunter off in the completely opposite direction. Continue reading Basic Training To Overcome The Bad Behavior of Your cat